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The fact that wizard law enforcement found a dude’s finger and immediately closed the investigation, declared him dead, and concluded that the only possible explanation for why they only found a finger was that he was killed so hard that the rest of him was obliterated kind of speaks volumes about why nobody followed up when the genocidal serial killer just vanished.

The Ministry of Magic is fucking useless.


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Thank god <3 I totally agree. You had those comments under the heading "hosts" not "presenters" so I was confused.
artsymusicalgeek artsymusicalgeek Said:

Sorry I thought I was clear about that.

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What in earth are you talking about? Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig are not D lost celebrities who didn't care about being at the Streamys... They were thrilled to be there and both have very successful YouTube careers, among other things.
artsymusicalgeek artsymusicalgeek Said:

They’re not who I was talking about? I said specifically that I loved Hannah and Grace. I made a tweet today saying Grace was my queen, so…yeah I have nothing against her. 

I was talking about Tara Reid, Lance Bass, Ian Ziering, the annoying women from Bravo, etc. The non-Youtube or internet people. The people who had no business being there. 

I’m already tired of my hair.

Last hair style: 3 1/2 years
Current hair style: 3 months?

Someone tell me what to do with it next. Cool thanks.


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I haven’t been able to get over my social anxiety after all these years, but I have learned to mask it fantastically from time to time.

How is it already past 1? I don’t understand.

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What is your kik? Can anyone message you on there?
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I guess yeah? Go for it. 

this is social anxiety summed up in two gifs

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Y’all are doing great not posting porn today. So keep it up so I can browse tumblr in an accounting office later.


183. THE ROYAL TENNENBAUMS* (Wes Anderson, 2001)

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I haven’t been “grounded” or anything in five years. Now I just laugh at teenagers who are.

I get to go play with corgis while I work on computers today. So I’m happy.