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    rooster teeth

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    I lost a follower for that?

    COME ON BRO I was just sharing one of my passions. And it was one post. You couldn’t just skip it? 

    Also hi stranger, if you haven’t read my super long post about my tv obsession, go do it. 

    I just thought an “i” was in the word stranger. Maybe leaving college was not the best choice. 

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    kittenquesadilla replied to your post “This is very long. Sorry. But if you watch cool tv shows, or like me, read it.”

    How do you organize them like that? Is it an app you use or just your personal calendar?

    I’m going to make this quite detailed, because I’m going to link to it on my post too. 

    It’s this cool site:

    (To set it up, use a computer, not your phone, way easier.)

    1. On the top right, create an account. 
    1. (Apparently you can’t continue numbered lists?) 
    2. Once your settings are all cool, on the top left click “add shows to to favorites”. 
    3. Select all the shows you watch! There’s also a button to view a show’s summary (Ex: where you can see details about it, and even a trailer.
    4. When done, go back to the homepage. Your calendar should now be propagated with your favorite shows.   
    5. On the top right, the site also has an “August Premieres” section, which updates each month with the new shows. 
    6. Also there, is the “Additions” button. Anytime he adds a new show, or just popularly requested show, it will turn orange and have a number next to it, like a notification. So you can easily put the new shows on your calendar. 
    7. He also updates the “Renewed/Cancelled” page whenever news comes out about a show (
    8. You can also use the site to keep track of what you’ve watched and still need to watch.  (turn that on in the settings) If you use that feature, your profile (top right) will actually look right and you can share it with people. I do not use that feature. 

    (I use trakt to keep track of what I watch, because it integrates with how I watch them. Totally separate thing and issue, but I recommend it. My profile here: [That also accounts for what my family is watching, so no I did not just watch Air Bud, Saw, and A Haunted House 2.]

    He also has FAQ on there, with basic information.

    If you want to add your new calendar to your Google Calendar or iCal, you can do that easily too. Google Calendar instructions are in the FAQ, and for iCal just copy the iCal link at the top (don’t download it) and add a new calendar subscription in iCal with that URL. 

    There is also a Facebook and Twitter for the site, where he will post about updates to the site, the new shows added, shows taken off, general TV news, or report any problems the site is having. 

    So, if you rely on it, I’d follow those.

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    bathroombbf replied to your post “I need to sleep and my body is tired and I’m waking up in five hours;…”

    that’s why i don’t drink coffee after 4pm ;)

    Not too long ago this wouldn’t do much harm to me! But I don’t drink coffee much anymore, or even much caffeine. I’m not required to wake up super early anymore, so it’s just on nights when I realize I have to work late on something and drink a giant red bull that I get caffeine. 

    But yeah, when my dad is home he always goes out to Waffle House for coffee at night, because that’s when his favorite waitresses work. I usually go with him a couple nights at least, just like a bonding time. We just sit there and talk and drink cup after cup after cup of coffee for hours.

    I come home, and cannot sleep for a week. My dad goes right to bed, since he drinks coffee from the moment he’s awake, to when he sleeps literally every single day. So, sucky outcome for me, but it’s worth some cool time with my dad. 

    Super long response for no reason! fuck yeah. 

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    This is very long. Sorry. But if you watch cool tv shows, or like me, read it.



    but if you love me you’ll read it anyway. I tried to put more spacing in, but tumblr just takes it away, so that’s cool. 

    For those of you who are unaware, I watch all the tv.

    (If someone cares, I’ll try to explain why. Mainly because I just love it, but being someone who just thinks a lot, I’ve given it a deeper explanation. )

    I’m going to just go off and explain my tv habits here, I’m not sure why, but I feel like doing it. I don’t really have anyone,who won’t think I’m insane, who I can gush to about this. So obviously I’m just going to post this publicly and hope someone gets me.  

    OK. Here is my tv schedule for this and next week:

    [Red is end of season, Green is new show/beginning of season]

    (Full size)


    SO, while this may seem like a lot to you, things are actually pretty light right now.

    Next month and October though! There are so many shows starting, and I’m very very excited. And yes, unless something looks like complete shit, and looks like I may enjoy it, I will watch it. As soon as my brain goes “I don’t care about this” though, I’m done watching it. I’m way better at this than I used to be too, the proof being the amount of shows I’ve already stopped watching this summer, new and old. 

    There are a decent amount of shows that are already half on the chopping block in my head, but I’ll still give a chance once they come up. Trailers can sometimes make something look awful, and here’s where I’d insert an example of a movie this past summer if my brain would work. Also, I planned on watching the FOX show Hieroglyph, which was greenlit & got cancelled June 30th before it was set to air 4 months later.  So, I’ll give a chance to anything that looks semi-interesting. Just in case. 

    I also give comedies a lot of leeway, because I put those on in the background while I work a lot. So even if something is not up to par with Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I’ll watch it. (I do not watch Big Bang Theory though, that is on my calendar so I can get it for my family who shares my server.)

    FINALLY Here are weeks from those months (The majority of the shows are on here, but not all yet. And some shows start after October too.)












    If you’re curious about how to setup a calendar like mine, I wrote a handy ask to someone who asked that question already:

    Ok, have you given up on this post yet? Do you not care? I don’t blame you. But hey, if you’re reading this, I appreciate you. Or at least, thank you for spending your most bored moments with this post. Have a dancing cookie: image

    OK OK OK. There are a lot of cool geeky shows coming this Fall, and a ton more returning. If you ever want someone to discuss any of the shows ^ up there ^ with, TALK TO ME.

    I rarely get very active in fandoms, especially on tumblr. Not because of time or anything, but because a lot of people in the most popular fandoms are insane. And I don’t want to talk about which characters I want to fuck in my imaginary fanfiction. I don’t want to go gif crazy to appreciate an episode. And I don’t enjoy complaining about dumb things that don’t matter (Which is what tumblr is best at.)

    I love talking about shows I watch and love with people though! Doing it in a website’s comment section or on reddit gets annoying too.

    So talk to me, I guess that’s what this post is about now.

    I will geek out all the way over Agents of Shield, Doctor Who, The Flash, Gotham, Once Upon a Time, or Sleepy Hollow with you. Or cry over episodes of Parenthood or Gracepoint. Or discuss the finer plot details of The Leftovers, Homeland, The Knick, Haven, Person of Interest, or Outlander. Talk to me about the decent network television dramas like The Blacklist, Madam Secretary, Resurrection, Forever, or Stalker. Repeat jokes from Bob’s Burgers, About a Boy, South Park, Modern Family, Selfie, Family Guy, or Key and Peele with you. OR WHATEVER. If you watch it, I will talk…for the most part.

    Ok, yeah, I’m done. And again, if you read this, for some reason. Whether you care, or you’re insane, or you’re a stalkerThanks




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    Can I wear pants yet?
    No? I’ll die?

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    i can’t sleep kill me

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    I need to sleep and my body is tired and I’m waking up in five hours; BUT I HAD A DOZEN CUPS OF COFFEE OR MORE AT WAFFLE HOUSE TWO HOURS AGO AND I HATE MYSELF.

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    You guys know what i mean…….

    Every fan knows the struggle to define these wonderfully wacky guys…

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    we can all agree that autumn is a nicer word than fall

    Autumn Out Boy

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    Anonymous pssssttttt, you're cute. kbye.

    pssst, thanks

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    If she could tell me she loved me back, I’d be happy in life.

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    I don’t understand how it’s only Tuesday???¿¿?

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